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Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide: Street Samurai which. S Melee Build that uses a Katana. Skills, Perks, Weapons, and how to move fast! If you've been looking for a good Melee Build in Cyberpunk 2077, check out our Street Samurai Build and begin dismembering today!

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Sounds like a very solid guide - it's pretty much what I came up with myself, with my melee Katana play-through. I absolutely melted the big boss at the end with this build. However, I have been messing around with Mantis Blades, and they seem to do a lot of damage, too. Have you run a comparison between Mantis Blades and Katanas?


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I love the build! It's very similar to what I came up with on my melee blade play-through. However, I also ended up using the Mantis Blade arm cyberware instead of Katanas a lot. Did you try that? Do you have any thoughts on Katanas vs Mantis Blades?
Man I'm debating on re-starting my game and using this build. I have something similar (high reflex with some points in body) but I spread my attributes too thin and I don't think I'll be able to make the most of it. I think I'm just going to do it. Also I've been using the mantis blades and they're great but that kill animation really breaks it for me.
You may want to use heavy attack why? It because this levels up Coldblood.This skill can be leveled up by killing enemies with a bladed melee weapon's heavy attack (has a special kill animation

The Cold Blood skill focuses on improving V's basic stats and defenses such as Armor, HP, and Stamina, also features critical damage, Resistance, and movement speed which is need for this build.

Best weapon for this build is the Katana satori which is in the heist mission. 500% critical damage, and with the right perks you could get over 100% critical rates.

As of this patch 1.04 If you have missed the weapon you could no clip the way up receive the weapon

I tried to get the weapon by this method. it worked for me, but it took a long time also made a lot do saves to do it.
"Steel and Chrome" increase melee dmg but not melee weapon dmg like katanas. Perhaps it does, but the character sheet says: "no"


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Hi. I fully apply what is written in the guide, I'm disregard the intelligence completely(3 value), but now i cant open any doors or breach protocols. I wonder if you can do any help?
Im on my first playthrough and I want to dip a bit into other stuff just slighty but still keep focusing on melee weapons, I love katanas and mantis blades, if body and reflexes on 20 are must, how many points I can put into intelligence and tech trees to still get enough for cool?


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If you want to do Melee you want to max Technical, Body and Reflexes in that order, Technical is must have so you can upgrade Legendary Armor and dump Armor Mods to maximize your Armor, after a certain point enemies will only give 1HP per shot on you, if you don't do that believe me, the more you level up the more you will die
You need to level up Tech for that. Armadillo is a basic tier mod.