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Make a “mage” type character that can hack in with our Cyberpunk 2077 Neural Netrunner Build. Quickhacks, Daemons, Attributes, Perks and more!

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Why not using cool to throw knives coated on poison? There's even a perk in intelligence (can't remeber if it's BP or QH) that decreases all defense types
I went for Intelligence and spread the rest of the points fairly even with reflexes being the lowest. Works for me so far.

What's worth mentioning is, try to pay Victor Vector off early in the game and buy the Stephenson Tech Mk.2 cyberdeck from him. Lots of RAM and Quickhack slots. You need street cred lvl 12 for that though.


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I have absolutely enjoyed my Netrunner build. I went Int/Tech/Cool as my max stats. If the area has cameras its basically game over for the enemies but for areas that don't then I use the ability of the legendary tier Ping to be able to target enemies through solid objects. After breaching to lower every ones resistances to my hacks I toss out contagion to cause a bit of chaos then finish off with Short Circuit or Synapse Burnout snipes. The only challenging encounters I come across is boss fights were I don't get a chance to not be seen before it starts. Those situations is why I went into Tech and use Smart weapons while applying de-buffing quick hacks. My cyberdeck for this build is the NetWatch Netdriver Mk.5 mostly for its quickhacks spread distance by 60% and Offensive quickhacks can be uploaded to 3 targets within a 6-meter radius. Its bought from the ripperdoc in Heywood for 43,750 eddies and need a street cred of 49.


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i used this build as base to a "combat netrunner"

keeping intel in 20
ref : 14. just to get the critical % and damage % in weapons ( you dont need the top lvl perks here if u are not focused in guns)
tech : 16 ( instead of 20 reflexes. i use the smart guns and tech guns thing. at 16points i can dismantle stuff and keep their mods.. hence if u save ur crit% or damage crit % low level items.. u can keep the mod and apply it to the outfit u want)
body: 11 ( improving health and so )
Cool: 10 ( 7 would be enough.. but just droped 3 spare points here. wich could go to body instead)

at first u start slow ( as all net runners) but once u start getting rep and some cash.. u kill like crazy ( specially if u have the daemon spread thing )