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So I started a Cecil (Final Fantasy IV) cosplay build and I have a question about what do with it
So here are my (future) stats :
Starting class : Knight
Soul level : 125 (150)
Vig - 35
Att - 22
End - 30
Vit - 15
Str/ Dex - 40
Int - 10
Fth - 15 (40)
Lck - 7
Now my question. I am absolutely not sure, if I should pump Faith up to 40 and lose the "meta soul level". I use 2 Setups. The first being the Dark Knight with Gael's Greatsword, no shield or the dark hand, Firelink helmet and for the rest Ringed Knight armor and no spells. The second one being the glorious Paladin with Lothrics Holy Sword (more for fashion and pvp), etheral Oak Shield and for the armor something like the Dancer or the Herald armor without helmet. So... He' s a paladin. And a supporter character. Means he should have the ability to heal and buff. For I don't use any buffable weapon it would come more to something like deep protection (dark knight), sacred oath, great or med heal as "protec", "medica" etc. (if I hit 40 faith) I want it to be authentic and as near as possible to the original Cecil Harvey from Final Fantasy IV. So.. should i sacrifice the meta for maximum authenticity? What do you think?