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so i was playing dark souls 3 and someone summoned me into their world and had overloaded the game by dropping thousands of items on the ground and forced my character to pick them up. I couldn't leave back to my world and i ended up killing myself to return to my world. then my game glitched and it repeatedly killed me, resulting in a loss of over 500,000 souls. i then restarted the game and saw that there were items in my inventory that i couldn't get rid of. i emailed bandai and they said that there is nothing that could be done and i would have to just delete my account. the issue is that i had completed the game with 147 levels and over 120 hours on it. i really dont want to start from scratch. is there anyway i can hack into my own account and delete these items?
If you don’t have a backup that you can reload from, starting from scratch is probably your only option. I’m sorry, man.



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I'm sorry to hear what happened to your character.
The only way to solve this is by having backups. Without them you will have to start over with a new character. There really isn't any other way.


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I’m sorry to hear, but unless you have backups, you will have no choice but to start from scratch. I’m sorry, man.