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Gain some useful tips in tackling the beta bosses of Nioh 2 and some guidance on picking skills.

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I think you left in a place holder at the start of the Kamaitachi description. It says "Upon defeating this boss players will be able to “purchase” the X which will unlock during the retail version of Nioh 2." Shouldn't X be the helmet reward?

I'd also like to point out a neat trick when fighting Maeda. Use the Yoki Spirit Core ability on him. The Yoki are those red oni guys in the twilight mission. (If you've played the first game, you'll recognize them instantly.) The ability turns you into one a Yoki and then does a double claw swipe when used on a Yokai. But on a human, it grapples and slams them to the ground. Maeda's tough, but he's still human and can be slammed. Using this puts the two of you on a much evener playing field.
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