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Mantiswarms > Partially blind , Nearsighted and Farsighted.
Shock Weakness: Shock Damage Received +25%
is it possible to have multiple 'damage weakness' flaws at once? i swear i can take hits from mega rapt spit all day without getting corrosive weakness when i've already got plasma weakness [similarly, can't get plasma weakness when already weak to physical damage on a different playthrough]. anyone else to confirm/deny?
You can only have a few flaws at a time. The most is 5 on Supanova
This is a dumb feature, they aren't even worth the perk points.
It would be nice if there was a wider variety of flaws available, even if some might be a bit useless. I was really hoping for some habitual liar or poor memory flaw...
I got Food Addiction:
Just like in real life
Such a tacky gimmick. Almost all of the perks are garbage to start off, and all the "flaws" are uninteresting debuffs of varying degrees of annoyance.
... yes they’re called flaws for a reason.
wheres shortsighted in this list? -10 ranged weapon skills