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Long sword builds change over time as you progress in Iceborne, follow this nifty guide so you can plan ahead in Monster Hunter World.

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Just got Iceborne for PC and I'm not new to MH and I'm loving the grind, was scouting around to find good Low MR to Mid MR builds and came across this guide I assume for console at the time of posting.

However I want to know how you can get away with suggesting any of these builds before Post Game content. The armour is fine I'm using a variation of one at the moment, however if your a new Iceborne player say MR 1-3 how, HOW are you supposing you have Crimson Viperfang II when you don't see a monster you need to have materials for to make it until you are MR 11-15+! it's ludicrous. Also your decoration suggestions "*need to have these or your best alternative" some of these decos are god rolls and you'll be well to MR 70 before you might see them how are you to have them at MR 1-6?!

I'd seriously suggest you go back and re-do the builds and change them to what would be available to those starting and progressing through MR, post game is fine and armour sets, just stirred me the wrong way to see unrealistic sets bring suggested.


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"Early to Middle Story Master Rank MR 1 – 3" build gets you to Crit eye 6 not 7 :)

I just got it, you put an endgame sword in an early and in a mid game build. Gotta find an alternative to these build.