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Can someone make a tier list for tempered monsters? I understand what T1 tempered is (Banbaro, Beotodus, etc.) But what’s T2 and T3? I assume T3 is elder dragons.
T2 is Brachy, Bazel, Glavenus etc...
T3's are elder dragons T2's are brachy,bazel,glavenus, pink rathian, etc T1's are rathian, rathalos beo,banbaro, etc
I did my hunter helper but i didnt show up :(
There's a Guiding crystal in the list missing for coral bones. Not fonna try and edit on mobile so if someone could put this up there I would appreciate it. Guiding Celestite Crystal: Guiding Coral Dragonbone x1 Vibrant Crimsonbone x3 Coral Crimsonbone x5 Vivid Crimsonbone x5
gold sigil scarf if not wrong i get it at mr108 after i bet all side mission. all is 1 star to 5 star only (full clear), after that u were get a quest go kill 5 monster in one at arena. complete the quest talk to all ppl in town, than you should get it. Don't blame me if I am wrong.
It’s missing some pendants and how to get them is wrong for some. If your able to edit this please do this site is very helpful when people make the time to put the right info.
Oh yeah there are guiding star pendants that you can get for leveling each respective area to lvl 7
Add the Rajang one
I tried to add images of the pendants I have, but can't get the images to upload at all. Sorry Y'all. I uploaded them to an imgur album at imgur,com/a/ZfX28P9 (posted this way due to not being able to post links)
ps: if someone would like to upload these images properly, feel free to use mine. I took them specifically to provide visuals for the wiki
You also get a Silver Rath and Gold Rath pendant for defeating their Tempered versions in the Guiding lands.
It doesn’t have to be in the guiding lands, I got mine from an investigation in the elders recess