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In this Dragon Star Varnir All Characters Guide, I'll be going over the all the potential party members that will join the player's party and their stats. Dragon Star Varnir All Characters Guide Players can increase their character's parameters by unlocking bonus factors in Dragon Cores in Dragon Star Varnir, naturally leveling them through battle, and by giving them equipment. The following data was taken with no equipment and at level 33 which is 1/3 of the max level. There will be a small variance as Bonus Factor upgrades were included but as an overall guide on how to develop your party, ...
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Charlotta is imho has the best attack stats the of all character. Run a support with HP plus to make her less squishy and you can easily achieve 1.8K stat in in physical or magic (or 1.3 in both) by chapter 10. She can do everything! Its a crime to neglect her.