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By Garicon
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Quite often in any of my pvp encounters I’m back stabbed when I shouldn’t be. What I mean is, the move is activated when my back is facing away from the player or when they are in front of me. I know that Dark Souls one is quite notorious for back stabs in general, but I feel as if I’m missing something for how frequent it happens. Is my game lagging and I’m missing the actual movements of the other player? Is there a secret trick to back stabbing that I’m completely missing? None the less it makes me very angry when it happens because there isn’t any way for me to avoid it, or none that I have found! Any suggestions?
By TheUnknownn
It has to do with latency between the two people (you v. player). On his screen you'll be in a different direction than what is appearing on your screen.
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By SlaveKnightKos
Let us put it this way. If at any time, in any way, shape, or form, you let your opponent have even the slightest opportunity to get behind you, consider yourself backstabbed. The reason is simple, if the attack button is hit and on the opponents screen you appear to be facing away from them, it will backstab (even slightly to the side too). This means you need to factor in latency, poise, lag, attack duration, and player position when you think about backstab evasion.
By pelida77
No. The BS window is extremely generous on PVP and PVE (so latency is not really related to it, neither lag)... What you need to realize - and is the first step in becoming good with BSs - You don't need to be exactly behind the opponent to Bs, it's enough to reach one of the sides (sort of... there's minor differences with the different weapons... but it all comes to "feeling" the BS... feeling this gigantic window and using the bare edges of the window)... Sometimes, players put their back against a wall to chug "safely" but if you approach them from the side you'll BS them. As you learn to BS more and more you will incorporate this side window (It migh look as a front BS but it isn't)...

Now sometimes there's lag. But if the other player is lagging he will appear as "stuck" in a position, it might be in front or whatever, and THEN suddenly you suffer the BS, and you can tell there's lag there because the complete animation of the character just freezes for a moment (the character should be always at the very least with a breathing animation).