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Hi everyone
I'm very happy to share that Fextralife now has a PR manager!


Rick was previously at Warhorse Studios, and is a seasoned veteran of gaming shows, gaming news, broken controllers and 3am trophies! Rick will be handling a lot of developer communications for the site, but is also the community's liaison for collaborations and to bring up games, events, etc that you want us to cover!

You can contact Rick with:
  • Game Coverage Requests
  • Questions list for devs
  • Site Suggestions
  • Interview Requests
  • Collaboration Requests
  • Other Business Inquiries

Contact Rick:

The usual contacts for Cas and myself continue open as always!
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Hello everyone, I am very excited for the new opportunity and adventure that awaits us all. I'm here to help bring new and more content to Fextralife, get feedback, engage with the community, do fun and exciting contests, and more.

Here's to a very bright future ahead of us!


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Hey can anyone give souls so I can lvl to 160?