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You can farm these down in the dungeon from the zombie-type enemies. You have to kill them twice, but they've dropped a pacifying agent every time for me.
This doesn't exist in my play through. Is fearlessness powder the same thing? I don't understand why I see just about everyone else using the pacifying agent when in my game it labels it as fearlessness powder. They have the same description as far as I can tell.
that's odd. maybe it's a localization thing? It's pacifying agent in the US
I'm in the US, and it was labeled fearlessness powder up until i downloaded the patch then it was labeled pacifying. Perhaps they changed with that patch? No idea, it was in the patch notes when i looked them up.
the buff lasts 30 seconds, I timed it
I'm pretty sure the quote "If seized with fear, cover your rear" refers to Headless teleporting behind and grabbing us by the rectum, an interesting note.
Interior Ministry Ninja upstream from MIbu Village Idol drops them sometimes. Good place to farm, too. Stealth kill him and the villagers before the cemetery and it’s about 3000.