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Tenchu Easter egg confirmed!
How so?
oh***** these the new prism stones?
Bought this thinking it was the rice the old hag wanted =/
Dammit that's what I just did


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Lol, same here.
Yep just done the same :/
And thats why I came to search real quick as description in game didnt seem to match what hag is requesting. Thanks for taking that bullet.
did the same. 1500 gold thrown away...ffs
Good to know I wasn't the only fool...... And I thought I was clever
Did exactly this... nothing.. came here.... glad I wasted the money.
Y'all are as dumb as a sack of bricks, I DEFINITELY didn't ANYTHING like that >.>
Same. *****.
ditto :~@!
Dunno why an old hag like that is so fussy, thought beggars coouldn't be choosers?! Feck damn whatta scam!!!
Hope they did this on purpose for making people waste money.
Description clearly states that this rice is not edible xD
I second that, the description says is not edible
Why does this have 190 likes though
I was about to, thankfully i've checked here.
The description says it's not edible, it's also not white rice. So description leads you to think it is not what the lady is asking for. As for wasting 1500 for a reusable prism stone effect, it's interesting just for its novelty. Also, if 1500 Sen is wasted by buying this, I'm sure you lost much more dying over and over again. 1500 Sen is,gained by one farming run through Mibo.
its useless, ...i never get lost..
An item with this functionality has been in every single from software game. That you don't use it is irrelevant. Do you use every item in the game?
It's just strange that it's so expensive for a seemingly useless item.
This sort of item was really only useful in multiplayer. Solo... yeah, seems pretty pointless. I guess they just felt like they had to carry on the tradition regardless of usefulness.
It's a really useful tool for dark areas. If you don't know if it is safe to jump into void, go to the edge of the cliff and just pour some rice and see if there is a ground or not.
So what's up with the description saying intended to be spread in recognizable patterns? It saying that right after displaying the typical use for this type of item makes me wonder if there is an environmental interaction somewhere.
Dollar store primstone