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I heat this twiggy turd so much. My death count is 7 so far. The whole mission wound’t be so bad if I didn’t have to redo the side missions and main mission each time I get K.O.ed. I use the glaive but at the end he jumps behind me and goes Alfred Hitchcock on me. What’s funny is that pukie almost always out last me
God damn autocorrect
I thankfully beated him in my first fight but THAT WAS HELL PAINFULL. First i went with Gerald weapon until last stage where i got tired and went for my dual blades but it didnt changed much. My biggest problem were the godamn Jagras fliching me and stopping my combos, on top of this ****** summoning the branches. It took me 47min, just after the last 3 min warning and i was tired AF and was about to give up. Then the bastard dieded and i never want to fight him anymore
Lol---> @---> "beated him" & "dieded" (...Stay in School...)
To be honest The Jagras are the greatest threat, ironically they’re greater than the great jagras at pissing you off and getting you killed
Never played The Witcher series, But this one's disign was more like Wendigos rather then Leshens...


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I was able to finally kill the bugger. Granted I didn’t do the Laka side mission to save time, but I had 20 minutes left at least. But I still need to go back and face him again to complete the side missions and get the armor set.
Can we capture it?
You can’t get Shock traps and Tranq bombs on the regular Leshen mission since you play as Geralt so no, you cannot capture the regular leshen
Why do people say it's hard it was easy....