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Looking for a new Tanking Set in ESO? Check out what we have to say about Frozen Watcher!

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Great article - thank you.

I use Frozen Watcher since some days and combine it with a full 5-set of Bahrahra's Curse. So what I get now is not only a constant stream of damage but due to the high probability of proccing Bahrahra's 5-Set-Effect, I add additional damage and heal from mit. To give an example: In Skyreach Catacombs, at the chest, I first lure both corners and then activate the chest and I can stand there just blocking until no enemy lives anymore - self healed all the way throught and all enemies being mowed down by the Blizzard.

So I'm really happy. Sure, my former armor set "Thunderbug" worked similar, but based on probability Frozen Watcher deals more damage. The plus point of Thunderbug is: in the scene described above, I could just stand there and the shock damage procced the Bahrahra's. But I could not survive all the waves to the end.

Therefore I must say: Great Set, makes fun, looks awesome and allows some nice Wow effects.

Cheers, Pump