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Can someone explain why its okay to charge the price of a full gsme for an expansion for the people who already bought the game but then offer a bundle deal to newcomers to get the game AND the expansion for the price said veterans already paid for the base game alone? Seriously why is everyone okay with such a steep price tag, its a huge middle finger to the people who made the game so popular to begin with. Also before anyone says this im not saying it needs to be free but honestly 40 feels just plain greedy
This is how it's always been with MH. You have to buy the game again to get G rank content and updates. Though those were usually 3DS games for $40 each.
Honestly, they have been adding free content after the original release. Also the game is essentially remixed with quality of life changes. The expansion is a bit pricey, I'd settle for $30; but $40 isn't unreasonable. At least it's a proper dlc pack and not a live service.
What a whiny *****
MH:W has been incredibly consumer-friendly. No P2W, no loot boxes. The expansion, at least, adds another 50 - 60 hours of new content. That's way more than most AAA games charges you for $60. Also, what are you even *****ing about? Game + expansion = $60. The expansion is $40. MH:W is going to be a 3 year old game by the time the expansion comes out, $20 price tag seems reasonable for a 3 year old game. Do you want new comers to pay $60 for a 3 year old game? That's stupid. If you are going to be cheap, just don't play the game wait 3 years for a price drop/bundle next time.
PC should be greatful MHW released on their platform. Yet we got a 'pc master race' saying MHW should have PC as it's main platform is HILARIOUS xddd I'm screaming and dying from that comment xddd As for the dumb*** who are upset over paid DLC, buy it. Or don't. It really doesn't matter if you do or not xD. To be honest, every game has their loyal fanbase that would salivate at even the smallest bone shard thrown at them.
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Hater cause inferior version, that is all.
yikes content
im on pc and i agree there are people that makes us look bad yes i am part of that "pc mater race" bull*****but i started on the console my first ever monster hunter game was MH:Tri on the fucing wii. when i found out MHW was on pc i was estatic i do not belive any game should be exlusive to any platform but some do happen like the xbox game gardian. but everyone has opinions and this has been mine.
imagine being able to run the game with 60 fps what losers
where is my ancestral fatalis? i miss hate him so much
pc release date tba... god dammit
tigrex and glavenus were shown off in a new trailer :D



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Tigrex has been offficially confirmed!! https://monsterhunterworld.wiki.fextralife.com/Tigrex
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they also confirmed a variant of legiana known as "shrieking legiana"
Don't you need to add Shrieking Legiana?
Glavenus is coming!!!!
so this DLC aint coming for pc player 6 september?? plz tell me im wrong
Says it'll be coming in the winter for PC players, so probably January-February.
Nope, they have said sometime in November, but that can change.
Hopefully the shall implement all the HD monsters on the 15th anniversary poster, that means we can pt our hopes up for pinecone the owie, lagi the waggle physics , fatty the destroyer of worlds, zinogre the thunder puppy, brachydios our slimy savior and gore the ebola dragon