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These comments are the worst. I'm freaking excited for this tho
4th :)
nargacuga is back ;w;
very cool, brutal ownage
Nobody gonna say anything about the Very Deviljho-esc armor the one guy was wearing [second on the right]? Nobody feels the need to concernicus over the potential for a G-rank deviljho subspecies? D’alright then....just thought I’d ask...
I'm sorry to spoil your fun, But that's just a girl wearing the new G-Rank Anjanath armor
lol just a G rank jagras armor
Capcom, if you are going to introduce new weapons and armor can you increase the amount of weapons/armor/charms max limit from 1,000 to a more respectable amount I am out of inventory space for all the beautiful toys I have...
no comment
I hope we get deviants for world! That would be fun!
new moves *obviously* just means new gestures! :P
Just announce the new monsters ! and I have high hopes
if you are an existing Monster hunter player and have played any games with nargacuga you will notice its eyes at the end of the trailer and his icon appears as well. in the preview pic it shows different types of armour and the second person in line is wearing something that looks like anjanath armour. Finally the notes say "new quest rank", once again if you have played any older games like Mh3u you will know it has a G rank. This is a pack you have to purchase but it will be well worth the cost. My estimated cost is probably $15
More like 30-35 for it I bet xD
Nargacuga, best monster ever. Hoping tigrex and Barrioth make an appearance, considering there will be an ice biome i can see that happening. As for price, 15, 35, who cares it'll be worth it to me. Monster hunter's given me years of joy, right up from the very first one on the ps2.