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Been looking for a great Multiclass frontliner in Pathfinder Kingmaker? Check out the One Thousand Stabs Build!


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So what I don't get in this build is Sai, why ? Monk fists do a lot more dmg than Sai. I agree to cheat a little and use dex for dmg, you do need rogue levels (finesse weapon training unarmed).
Am I missing some benefit of Sai ? (beside small sneak attack bonus dmg)
Sai 1d4
Fist 1d6 - and increases with more monk levels
Yes tuverentetil you missed the part that with Sai you'll do 1d8 damage not 1d4 it's a class feature.

Plus some of the Magic item Sai will apply bleed and extra attacks.


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How do you get 22 on Dex? I can't get that much on character creation.
Look at the class levels in the image, mako234.
and what I don't get about it is the thing about sneak stab:
Sneak stab in-game says that it's not possible to use it with 2 weapons at all.

what did I miss?


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Sai will do 1d4 of dmg that is not class feature, it Knife master will do 1d8 sneak attack instead of 1d6. Fist still does more dmg, it gains cold steel (ignores fey dmg reduction and some creatures regen). Sais just allow to use two-weapons.

If you go with CHA based monk it's good to take 2 levels of paladin for saving throws.

Sneak attack works with both weapons, what you need is to flank target or use a skill that add opportunity attack like stun or leg sweep.
What is the point of fighter 5 instead of just 4? Weapon training from 5 doesn't give sais a bonus and fighter 5 doesn't give a bonus feat. Am I missing something here?