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I really want to run this game again, but I know I will get very bored very quickly if I don't first create a build in advance that interests me enough to want to work making it an actuality. I've done all the obvious builds, and am looking for something I might not have thought of before. I can't imagine I am the only one in this boat though, and maybe some converse might help motivate others as well!

—Because I create characters with pre-selected loadouts (i.e.: i pick all of their armor and weapons and exact stats before i even start the playthrough, and at no point during the playthrough do I ever menu-swap any piece of that loadout, save for the beginning when I haven't acquired certain pieces yet) by "build" I honestly just mean "weapon".
—I don't enjoy most challenge runs because I find them honestly more tedious than challenging. I enjoy killing things as fast as mathematically possible, and get annoyed quickly by any kind of playthrough that deliberately doesn't at least attempt to do this.
—This is probably the biggest reason I'm S.O.L. here: I don't enjoy using mathematically inferior options simply for the sake of it. Which is to say that if I want to do a greatsword build, for example, then the Mastodon Greatsword is the obvious answer. It's mathematically better than all other greatsword options (unless there's information about other greatswords that I am unaware of that could make that greatsword comparable). That said I've used mastodon weapons, curved dragon GS, warped sword, etc to the moon and back.
—As far as min/max'ing goes, I'm only concerned with it for as far as a single specific playstyle is concerned. I'm obviously not trying to compare a straight sword melee build with a Soul Geyser buff build. Furthermore, I'm not concerned with small discrepancies with damage such as a weapon having 9 AR less than another weapon—but instances like the mastodon weapons and/or curved dragon where the damage difference is so disgustingly massive to the point where it completely invalidates the rest of that weapon's class is where I'm concerned.
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