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So lately I've been trying to figure out what's the fastest and most efficient way to Agape ring, and I think I've come pretty close to an ansewer, here's a video of my run step by step.

Of course the intent is to make a god-tier twinker with access to everything +10 at the lowest SM possible.

I wonder if there are any faster methods out there?



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I'm surprised there isn't a category for this at speedrun . com or something. I for one would be interested in watching people grind PBs on this, but I suppose it's not as flashy—or as easily measured—as a final boss kill.
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I suppose it's:
Buy Branch, kill the Pursuer, kill the Ruin Sentinel, and unpetrify Straid of Olaphis. Will get back to DS2 in a few months after I'm done with 3.

Edit: Scratch all that. I forgot you have to Branch the statue before Ruin Sentinel.
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PS3 or PS4?

I do my runs in under 30 minutes and come in under 30k SM on PS3, and usually finish my build off at 89k or 129k SM. I think most people trade gear down through friends but I'm assuming so.