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Okay I'm working on a hexer it's going really well so far, and dear lord I see why people recommend thrusting weapons for pve

I wrecked last giant, old dragonslayer, and dragonrider in that order with a +3 rapier

I'm almost terrified to see how much more it gets with the Leo ring

Now just discussing best rapier to go with for a hexer? Was thinking chaos with fume straight sword as a side arm later but open to suggestions



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Dark Rapier is a dream. I build it on my Dark Pyromancer everytime. with an Off-hand Scimitar for slashes and the good ol' powerstance. Though I sometimes switch hands to utilize Scimitar's strong attacks, without losing the ability to parry and riposte. If you are investing so much on Dexterity, Espada Ropera shines brightly.
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