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When will every hunters dream come out to get the gs ?
Nice wiki ! I feel like a real Monster Hunter ! How many hours will we need to be on the field ? 6h ? Ok, no problem, I come with my guild. We are readying. Player2 ! Make some bombs ! Player3 ! Prepare the traps ! Player4 ! Farm to do better stuff for the team with me and our felynes ! And now ! It's the time to kick some *** !
Kinda wondering what the hell is wrong with both you and your writing.
Get ready for the "wiggle me this" quest event hunters!! You wouldn't wanna miss that one.
Hype for wiggle me this! I want this head!
Can someone please tell me if eventually the past events return? I lost the Scrapping with the Shamos one.
Yes, all events will return in the future.
they cycle through eventually, i know during the spring event on ps4 they opened up pretty much every optional quest that had drops for the craft able armor like the shamos one
anyone know if kulve will drop soon ??
half the reason i bought the game was for the devil may cry content... where are you code: red, i need you :(