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I can wreck this game, but hate having to run a build from scratch.

I finally made a mule character on DSR BECAUSE if I've beaten it from scratch dozens of times, I don't feel I have to bust my *** just to try something new. :D

I'm wondering about doing something similar for SOTFS.

But how busy is it? Is there enough fire to make it worth the time?


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I have recently played it up to sl70 to platinum it...
the very first low level are quite active. Then it rapidly becomes a desert.
then again I play from Australia so totally out of main US / EU playing times...but it does not look busy at all from where I stood.
and I stopped because after playing DkS3, I just cannot go back to a sluggish clumsy character control.

that said, this game is hard , much harder than DkS3 or DkS1 when you replay it from the start because of the sheer amount of time to get enough adaptability to get a decently responsive character....and man, the drain on the stamina with every single action ! wow!

but I just could not be asked in the end so despite having played the hell out of this game on PS3, PS4, PS4 pro in PvP....I actually gave up on the platinum and will accept having DkS2 being stuck at 83% completion forever on this account.
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