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Making a Gutsu build

Not gonnah get all into stats. just the important stuff, after all it is my build.

Right hand Greatsword, Dagger, and Bone fist(well get to this)
Left hand Bonefist, and Sanctum reapter crossbow(looks more like it, to many bow strings on avelyen, but avelyen your choice)?
Helm Shadow Helm, got the red eyes on it.
hollow soldier guntlets if you want that cannon hand look.(or once the red ring activates put helm on use forlon gauntlets, and redeye ring)
Torso Forlon down to feet and hands, for know, his armor look.
No pyromancy hand, magic is for puwssies.
Rings, Gowers(like the mage schierke, on his back as a spirit helping him control his berserk mode)this can be swap with blue tearstone, until it activates.
Red eye ring(don't be a puss)(blue tearstone if not berserk)
Red tearstone for more of a berserk feel
Banefulbird Ring, Duh.
Items, no estus(he aint from darksouls), only throwing knives, and black fire bombs.
And guts has Haphephobia(fear of being touched or touching other people)
I choose bone fist cause he need two hand to shoot his crossbow and and his cannon, so no magic please.
Covanant of champions helps farm shadow helm, no despone, if you want true guts build stay in it, he's just trying to save his love in life, not help people.
But duling in blood covenant, guts loves a duel.