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This is basically a Faith build's access to Sorcery, but why would you want sorcery when you have LIGHTNING BOLTS AT YOUR DISPOSAL.
Magic Weapon, Great Magic Weapon, Magic Shield, Great Magic Shield, and a few utility Sorceries. Like Resist Curse, Remedy and such. So yeah, this can be very useful for those spells will little Int investment while still making the most of your Faith
Dark Bead, there is not a single spell in the game that does THAT MUCH damage in one burst
To that one guy's reply: why would you use a form of magic weapon when sunlight blade does more damage and darkmoon blade more than that (with covenant items)
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Anyone looking to trade this for something
For the record: The Oolacile Ivory Catalyst (which doesn't scale with anything) outperforms this up until faith 30
U need base requirements in intelligence, and after it scale with faith?


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Yes, you still need to meet the base INT requirement to cast the spell, but the MagAdjust comes solely from your Faith level. This fact somewhat diminishes the usefulness of this catalyst since you need both INT and Faith stats to make use of it. It is quite useful for increasing the power of low level sorceries with minimum INT investment when you have a high Faith build (30+).
Thanks sir
this is the clerics way of using sorcery, like velkas talisman is the sorcerers way of using miracles
if this game had skeptic's + simpleton's spices this might be more useful but i ain't aboutta drop a bunch of levels into int on my cleric
with my faith at 33 it still does less magic damage than my regular what's the bloody point.
This is really good with Darkmoon talisman in left hand, pursuers, sunlight spear, and dark orb for it's off casting time. Just an example of int fth harmony