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Possibly one of the most cancerous sorcerers in the history of the soul series. Twats who spam this in pvp are very fun
Add twop to make it worse
Let's not forget the ****** who have their high level pals carry them through the DLC and the Four Kings just to get this and the darkwraith covenant then spam this against sl21 players
Definitely. But its a gank squad Killer.
No need for carriage. You can pretty much kill everything on lvl 40 as a sorcerer with minimal HP and 44 INT (crystal stuff). Four kings die as soon as they spawn. Hidden body carries you through Oolacile. Even Artorias can be killed no-hit with soul spears.
Dark Bead or "how we will make you miss DS3 again".
This needs to have it's INT req push up to like 40
Agreed. Perfect way to balance it is to make you have to commit some points into it.
Dude I’m twinking at level 15 in the Parish with it
Join us at easytopunishdotcom as almost everyone spams this spell like brainless sheep, assuming for it to erase all their hardships in the game without a second thought on improving their gameplay instead.


Wait, people actually get hit by this? Have they located the roll button?
(Random gibberish on phone)
Yeah? Hmmh... Have they considered to Git Gud?
(Gibberish intensifies)
I know, the meme isn't outdated at all.
Easy to dodge on normal connections (provided you aren't engaging like 2 others from a gank who is **** spawn camping) but from that one lag-spike where you get hit before the animation starts? Yeah unless you see it coming you're gonna die. Also about the spawn camping how viable would this be to get gankers off you with a 32 INT Poise Wizard build?
Yeah i just got killed by dark bead even though i rolled through it perfectly. You cant just reliably roll through dark bead
Cast Great Magic Barrier >> Laugh at them as you turn their butthole inside out.
So it’s a shotgun
Tryin to make a giant dad build and ppl using this crap keep invading me



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You can evade this spell by rolling forward at a correct timing.