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Lunastra Icon and Armor Alpha and Beta
I just defeated it, I stayed on top level and kept hitting with long sword. Died twice and she flew away with about 45 seconds left......
I haven't played MHW since Kulve Taroth first came out, and even then I was only playing sparingly, so this is a hell of a fight to come back to, lol. On one hand, I'm not looking forward to grinding for her materials, but it's also the right kind of difficulty that inspires me to git gud. Not looking forward to Tempered Lunastra whatsoever, though...
Will the Kushala set bonus or max Windproof protect you from the gusts of wind she blows at you during her ultimate?
I believe it will for the first gust of wind, I'm not so sure about the second gust. I had my cat using instruments and it gave me a resistance to wind against him, I was fine on the first one, but the second one knocked me down.
...ultimate? What is this, Overwatch?
Has anyone tried using anything with the Heat Guard skill on Lunastra because that skill is supposed to nulify heat damage or is it the same as using the Effluvial Expert skill on Vaal Hazak and doesn't actually work.

The Barnos Jacket, Lavasoith and the Clearmind Charm appear to be the only items in the game that give the Heat Guard skill.
Yes, Heat Guard works. You can find Heat Guard as a Lvl 2 Jewel. Heat Guard works on the blue flames that cause heat damage, but it should not be understood as fire damage. I think that's why you got confused about Vaal Hazak. Vaal Hazak's Effluvia is countered by Lvl 3 Effluvia Resistance, not Effluvial Expert which is just for the Rotten Vale in general. I would not recommend either of these skills though as there are better options to deal with these effects that shouldn't effect your build. Cool Drinks provide Heat Resistance Chill Shrooms turn into Cool Drinks when gathered, which are available in the Elder Recess Fire Mantle provides Heat Resistance and Fire Resistance Chilled Meat Provides Heat Resistance and Stamina For Vaal Hazak Null Berries get rid of Effluvia Effect Immunity Mantle will get rid of Effluvia Effect (and several other monster's effects) Cleanser Booster will get rid of several monster's effects Teostra's Hunting Horn plays a song that prevents several monster's effects (not heat though) Don't be discouraged, the game gives you options to deal with its many monsters.
IMO Temp Luna is the biggest pain in the *** especially since her Nova causes a **** of chip DMG since it also causes wind pressure u will most likely end up dead before u can eat the jerky or heal =/
The monster is straight up BS. I tried and failed 5 times in Pandora's Arena. All cause I want some stupid f******** skirt layered armor. F*** this monster.
Lunastra Scale + missing
If something puts me out of the game is this "git gud" nonsense when in reality it only means "farm more". Oh and to the "pros" here spreading their wisdom..how about asking first what equipment that dude has? Maybe there is the reason why he has problems. Lunastra is obviosly no "midgame" content. Be honest with the poor souls and tell them they aren't ready yet instead sending them (literaly) back into the fire wihtout any hope of surviving this slaughterhouse.
git gud
As a die-hard Freedom Unite veteran who doesn't give two *****s about builds (unless it's a glorious Big *****ing Gun build) I agree, if you say "git gud," you're either a troll, a *****ing ******, want to annoy everybody, or you're just ignorant to the meaning
is she on pc or not available to hunt? is there anything i need to do to trigger the huntsman to give me the quest? or is it entirely random?
no dlc monsters are on pc yet
hadn't seen that in anything I was looking at. thanks for finally clearing that up for me
you cleared the ENTIRE game right? should pop up right after
What the first guy said. However, deviljho is out now...