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RedMooN wrote:
Thorien_Kell wrote:I think that you can visit the graves of fire keepers (in the front of the shack) pay some souls and their ghosts will appear, then you can get their services again. They introduced this cool mechanics because of "trigger happy" people who just kill NPCs, and that was excellent idea ^^

I DID IT! Fume Knight is a respectable man and I have the utmost respect for him but dang nabbit, I needed REDEMPTION!!

Watch on

Congratz on the win :D

I used to be able to beat him up to ng+3 w/ CoC (never went into ng+4 with any given character). Well now I just cheese his first phase for the fight's time and beat him without him going into second phase. #brokenstraightsword
I can dodge his every move though. Just can't keep up with his second phase nowadays. (my little finger for dodge you know lol)

Lightning is also good against him. I beat him with a Heide Lance once. The swift attack animation allowed for quick attack dodge attack dodge rest combo.
What, still here?