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Hey guys,
i cant play Dark Souls Remasterd. Every time when i start my Fps drops down to 15-20 Fps.
I deactivated VSync, restart it, start a repair but its dont fix it.
My PC is not rly bad Gtx 1060 with a I5 and 16 GB Ram.
Some ideas how i can fix it?

Ty and praise the Sun



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Hi Sirr,

I have the same card, 1060GTX and I have only 8GB of RAM, but I can play at 60fps no problem. I had however your problem. This is how I fixed it;

I disabled Vsync and enabled FAST vsync on the nvidia control panel. I also use FXAA (not High but the normal one).

Hope this helps!

With 1060GTX and 16GB Ram you should easily play this game 60FPS!