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Sorry if I do something wrong, brand new to this forum. I’ve rarely encountered hackers, never had a problem like this, just the usual invincibility, infinite stamina, etc. (I just came to here for help because I couldn’t find anything online.) I was invaded by my friend before the Sif fight, so I laughed as I went to battle him. My friend and I were talking through discord and he told me he didn’t invade me. At first I didn’t believe him but then my actual friend’s summon sign appeared and I started to summon him. The guy faking as my friend used spells and weapons my friend doesn’t have (we’re only half way through the game and my friend is a dex build, not sorcerer). After I died instantly my friend told me to check recent players to see who it was and it brings me to my actual friends profile. This guys my best friend, so I know he’s not lying. Also can’t explain why he almost got summoned while the “hacker” was fighting me. What happened?