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New to game can anyone give me a black knight greatsword?
Are you on PC?
Yes I am my good sir.
Add me on steam
I'm working towards the platinum and just did my first playthrough. If anyone wants to drop their boss souls or boss weapons, I'd be more than happy to take them. It seems like you could just save your game, give up souls, reload the PS+ save and not lose anything. If that's the case, I'd be more than happy to give the souls/weapons right back. By doing this back and forth, we could probably get at least the boss weapons in one playthrough.

I just want the platinum so I can just play through the game without being forced to create specific weapons or join certain covenants.
Oops, forgot this.. PSN: mikraphne
Please I need dark silver tracer if anyone has it, please on pc
soul of sif and soul of gwyndolin plz Deaths_inferno23 on ps
Looking to dupe Soul of Sif so I don't have to have 3 playthroughs to get the platinum. On PS4, message Iveseenpigsfly, thanks.
Looking for boss souls and boss weapons. TheNeoVivi on PS4.
Need me a chanellers trident asap. Last weapon I need. Am willing to trade whatever for it or just give it to me and I give it back.
I need the weapon made with gwyn soul, message me at mcsonaglio
Looking to start the game with a Moonlight Greatsword. Any Good Samaritans out there?
Can’t trade that item right away. Not sure what the requirements are but I’ve just tried trading to a new character and it doesn’t appear
Anyone on ps4 that can lend me the furrysword? And maybe some demon titinates? My ps4 is get_wrecked_sir6
I can provide 99 of every consumable souls (not boss souls) on either dark souls 2 or 3, the only thing I need is 1 of each consumable soul (not boss souls) in dark souls remastered on PS4! That means soul of a great hero soul of a hero etc. Anyone want to trade?
Write your psn ID here if you’re interested and I’ll add you :)