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If you find this after blighttown it's **** useless
You can use it in sens fortress to get past the demons. It's under the first set of swinging axes on the bridge and there's a lair of tar slowing u down.
Not necessarily useless after blighttown. May also use it at the bottom area of sins fortress where demon are.
Useful against Hydra, too.
The door is locked, what key do i need to get through?


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Undead Asylum F2 West key. It's on top of one of the buildings in firelink shrine and you can get to it from the same staircase by the the nest that takes you back to the Undead Asylum again.
If u have this ring in ng+, bligthtown it's quite confortable
Pretty good for the golden Golem after killing the hydra. But still useless after blighttown. Greetings AHC