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Nahztek-Shadowpath wrote:
skarekrow13 wrote:
Nahztek-Shadowpath wrote:This is an example why PS4 isn’t reverse compatible with PS3 games. HUGE cash grabs exploiting gamers fond memories of their old games.
It’s kind of disgusting.

I’m very close to being finished with this industry. There is more focus on remasters and micro transactions than on exploring new ground.

And I’d rather hurry and exit before I see Froms next game come out, complete with no climbing or jumping over barriers that I could step over in RL.
Same old mechanics, new skin.

Besides, I have several years still before a proper TES games will come out. And this industry is getting worse every year.

A lot of this is why I'm a big fan of independent games and smaller studios. Some of the most amazing gaming experiences I've had in the last decade were had at insane pricepoints because the smaller devs take a lot of cool chances.

Let’s see. Starting with -

Dust - An Elysian Tale
Banner Saga
Endless Dungeon
Salt and Sanctuary
Darkest Dungeon
Don’t Starve
Defenders Quest
Organ Trail
Grim Dawn
.. and a slew of others that I can’t think of right now. Most of those cost from 15$-20$ and I actually go back to a lot of them for another go fairly often. And ENJOY it!

Compared to all the AAA titles that I’ve bought in the last few years that barely keep me interested for a month, yet cost me 50-60$ and throw DLC and micros at me (which yes, it’s my choice, but the practice is worth mentioning)
Granted there are a few gems in there. Soulsborne, Mordheim, X-Com 2, Nioh, MHW.

One of the reason I will probably keep my PS4 is because I do really love and appreciate what some of these small dev teams pull off. Unfortunately it does led me to have higher expectations for some indie games that turn out being pretty poor. But thats the gamble.

In the end, I’m just ranting because I know good and well I’ll pick up DSR. Selling my PS4 would be the only way to avoid it...

armed with wings is pretty good.


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videogame developers/publishers are finding ways to grab some quick cash these days, but you gotta remember that games havent really gotten more expensive over the years while development costs did increase.

putting in lootboxes and pay-to-win constructions are a (horrible) way to make some quick extra cash for them.
another way is DLC (although some companies are being a bit scumbaggy with that as well... bringing out half-finished games and charge for DLC a month after release).
microtransactions for purely cosmetic stuff is pretty common too (im not bothered by this, but some people are).
bringing out remastered/HD versions is just another way of making some extra cash... but its entirely up to you if you want to pay for that, so i dont see the problem, and find it far more desirable than the other options. options it helps the company raise money for their next project.


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If I see a real cash grab, I discern it in the most likely terrible Age of Fire comic dropping Wednesday.

Ooh, Gwynn! Knights on the cover! Here's my four bucks!

I didn't find the Bloodborne comic particularly good or bad. Simply not compelling.