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This is *******..i need to trigger it first to be counted as completed...f*ck
This quest is best done solo, the monsters don't have as much health and you can take your time,
sort out 3 loadouts with skills to match each monster before you start, saves time changing weapons ect...

Don't forget Kushla on Tempered builds up Immunity now to Flash bombs so go easy on them or you'll never get him out of the air.
To avoid the 1 hit kills with Teostra and Nergigante either use the Evade skills to avoid taken any damage or use the Guard Up to block any attack.


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Are they overall debuffed or anything? I can't even man handle nerg untempered, but I had him limping almost dead in the first 30sexonds
Their health is cut to about 33% each, but other things remain The same
Kill nergigante in 6 min
Daora 7
Teostra 6 :)
With great sword impact