Co-op and Trade Requests (Please include system and SM) - International trade welcome!


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Okay so I have a deprived at sl1, have 39,990 SM.

I’m attempting to get as far as I can without spending any souls (other than 5k for agape ring)

I have been carrying around my remaining 34,990 souls just because and am attempting to make it as far as I can in the game as far as item collection, materials etc.

Problem Is weaponry is extremely limited (trying to not kill Cale for his helm and receive it rather) for me and not spending my souls cuts me out of upgrading the weapons I have.

I’m sitting at 3 primal bosses now and collected almost everything I am simply having a hard time with the lost sinner and keeping Lucatiel alive.

(Still need 20 awestones which was my original plan for the vanquishes seal to carry me but it’s hard farming Rhoy at bonfire level 2 at SL1 , even on the bridge)

Is anyone at this tier that could help me out at sinners rise? Understandable if not.

Thank you!