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I love the design of this CB
The Ninja Turtle CB
So... a worst version of gigafrost 2, because the base damage is just a bit better than gigafrost 2, worse elemental damage (the reason why you want this), impact phial, 15% affinity, which is good but not that good unless you are seeking a crit build, one of the sockets is level 1 (gigafrost 2 has 2 level 2) and, very important, its rarity 8, gigafrost 2 is rarity 6 (if I remember correctly), which means that this weapon can only be upgraded 1 time while gigafrost 2 can be upgraded 3 times. It's ironic that the best CB for Kushala Armor is not his own weapon, however, this weapon is more like a "you can hit everything with it" than a "its weak to ice... make it suffer", but in that matter I would use other weapon, like Diablos weapon.
i would consider this CB because i don't have a ice one yet