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It seems Dark Souls Remastered for Nintendo Switch has been delayed. But for how long? Bandai Namco says Summer 2018

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This is surprising indeed - really wasn't expecting a delay on just one platform but I suppose that Nintendo will do what is best for Nintendo.

Is anyone here changing their platform then?
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No, since I always planned on the true Souls’ platform, PlayStation. I might consider a Switch double dip, like I did for Skyrim. We’ll see.


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Sad news for Switch.

@ElvesRule what did you think of Skyrim on Switch? Since I had remastered on Steam wasn't sure if it was worth buying on Switch but the bow and arrow action with the Switch controllers sounds fun.


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Another game where only the Switch version is delayed. We saw this with Dragon Quest XI as well. The system is underpowered for engines built for PS4, XBone or the modern PC, especially in portable mode where the GPU performance is lower than for the XBox 360 and PS3. Despite Nintendo's assurances that porting to the Switch is easy (and for mobile or 3DS games that may be true), figuring out how best to cripple your software to work on gimped hardware can be problematic.