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Why even let ppl change gender when u cant change the name? So fkin lame.
It really is **** dumb.
It's called a character edit voucher, not name edit voucher.
I can understand why from a certain point of view. After all, if you could change your characters name whenever you wanted, it could bepretty difficult to keep track of your friends (and enemies) online.

But I do agree, it is frustrating if you chose a distinctly masculine/feminine name then wanted to swap looks.
Whens does the paid one come out because I wasted my free one


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I need that voucher to pay cause i wasted mine so pleasy update and give information
For anybody who has not checked the store, they are in fact released for purchase. Used mine to make my character male again, your use may vary.
It seems That Character Edit Voucher's are available in PSN-Store 1 for 2,99€, 2 for 4,99€, 3 for 6,99€ but still no name change implemented :/
Can we change our cat????
i wish they would add the voucher on PC the Male armr looks collor on male
WTB for PC
how about PC???My character need a change!!!