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How do you get this quest? do you need to have enough research points?


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What I understood while playing is that you need to encounter the monster in the specific zone before you get the quest. So try going to Elder's Recess while a Bazelgeuse is present and find it, then check for a "!" in Astera or just on the Quest Board.
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All right, thanks! :D
Just to clarify some misunderstanding in the comments, I got this quest unlocked after finishing the previous "Capture" optional quests from Low rank that start from a 2 stars quest with Kulu ya ku as a capture target, then you capture a Barroth, then a Paolumu, and finally an Odogaron as a 5 star quest and then you get your Bazel quest unlocked :)
Can confirm. I'm not sure at what point in the main quests it becomes available but I was on the quest to hunt Kushala, Teostra, and Vaal Hazak but didn't have this until I did the low rank capture quests. The quest showed up after finishing Odagoron's.
I dident realise until i checked who gives the quests.