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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

the Adept Rider set, as Alcast pointed out, should be renamed as Fart-After-Fall set
does gryphon's ferocity have a cooldown?
no. but the there's an ability in the psijic order skill line that does the exact same thing but for like 37 seconds. So this set is kinda pointless
It doesn't need it because you can't stack the buffs
**** HEADS ESO !!!!!!!!!!
Hist Bark + Nocturnal's Favor, NB Tank build coming.
NB for this build not need Hist Bark. NB have class skill for dodge Mirage/Double take
^^ exactly.... did someone say tavas??
No, someone should mention Nocturnals + Glorious Defender! :P
they've changed all trial sets...pure pve now. very sad
The game is still fully balanced for pvp monkeys, leading to stupid metas in pve. Don't worry, you'll find an other way to be broken, get the game changed and screwing all pve players again and again.
i still dont know what your sayin. from the looks of it these could have there place in PVP either way. unless your insinuating that they are locked out of pvp
and considering that this trial set dost have aiges or whatever the other one (which actually ARE pure pve because only works in dungeon/trial monsters)
I dont see what your QQing about atm.
im kind of sad the the developers spend resources on sets like "adept rider". really?! noone will wear this. noone
Its laughable to hear someone concern themselves over the work of interns that are directed by children
Most of these sets are very underwhelming.
Not really
Give us some awesome sustain sets! Or at least some decent ones.
The sets get worse with each patch, how are you meant to sustain in all these **** sets? where are the sustain bonuses? 100 damage bonus sets and only like 10 sustain bonus sets. Stop being retards ZOS please. I can't imagine one person who enjoys heavy attacking to gain resources back with like a 30% hit chance with all the bugs and lagg
It’s called food and drink buffs along with jewelry traits
On my tank, I don't remember the last time I used heavy attack, and yes I can tank Falkreath, Bloodroot, Fang lair, Cradle, White gold, et c.
On my DK stam, hardly do I use heavy attack unless I don't want to use my potion. I suck at dps too, I can do at most 31k dps on dummy..

Maybe you just need to learn more about the game?
Recovey glyphs, your other set, monster set, drinks, potions, and like everything basically.