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Like a curiosity the name, it cames for the weapon of Sasaki Kojiro
Gwynevere can wash my pole!
“Gwyndolin can wash my pole” fixed that for you
I'd go***** for Gwyndolin not gonna lie mate
This may be a reference to Sasaki Kojiro who wielded a nodachi which he called 'Drying Pole'.
It was actually called the laundry pole or laundry drying pole and it is without a doubt a reference to him as the names are just a tad too similar and they are too similar in design though if I'm not mistaken nodachi have a handle that isn't too far off from being equal in length to the blade
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I can't tell which is stronger: the childhood nostalgia or the sound of chipmunks echoing mercilessly in my head. Either way, shame on you. ;)
Washing pole sucks at cleaning my clothes I want a refund.
This blade is actually a reference to the Masamune, the sword wielded by Sephira in Final Fantasy 7.
Sephiroth* No it's based off the monohoshizao, or drying pole.
You mean Sasaki Kojirō
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