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Also the name of the best Souls youtuber.


more like, "hello and welcome back to another top 10 videos that I didn't make"


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One of the best*
If humans were created in the image of God, then under these conditions, it means that we are able to become gods ourselves.
He is good but appeals to more of a young audience from what I've seen. I might be wrong but I would assume more younger aged children watch him.
did they change the name too vaati?
Yeah, it's really strange that they renamed this miracle to Silver Mont.
oh cool! I didnt know they renamed it to Ymfah!
Where's the love for my boys Crozyn and MrIwont4get?
And what about Iron Pineapple and ThePruld?
VaatiVidya and LobosJr. Hands fuccing down.
You mean OnlyTrapfro?
ZeroLenny scoffs in broken sword
This miracles name is not prod
ok. i just did a little experiment... and i can confirm that sunlight blade does scale with your Faith. but there does seem to be a hard limit 40 Faith
In a sense, yes. Talismans have a Faith Magic Adjustment stat, which scales with your faith, and as a talisman scales, so does the Sunlight Blade Miracle. The better the scaling on the talisman, the better the outcome.
Magic adjust scales with faith and buff scales with magic adjust...
It's pretty silly to say it doesn't scale with faith. By that logic you could say Soul Spear doesn't scale with int. While it's technically true it's just a pointless pedantry.
you're wrong there homeboy, velka's talisman scales with int, and thorolund talisman has a fixed mag adjust. therefore, those two talismans wouldn't make sunlight blade any stronger if you went from 30 to 99 faith, you'd have to level int for velka and can't make it any stronger with thorolound. so, sorry to tell you kiddo but you're wrong, but that's okay :)
Got snarky people 2 yrs later damn hahaha!
Check ring of the princess, I’m pretty sure it extend the duration of the miracle for sunlight blade and dark moon blade
“Ring of the sun princess “
So I don't fully understand, does that mean if the talisman used has an adjust of 200 it'll be like 360dmg boost or what?
exactly, but don't forget it still has to go thru enemy defenses. in general, if you get 360 extra AR, in practice you'll see anywhere between 150 to 300 bonus damage, depending on the enemy
Why can't I use this miracle? I have a Iaito +15 and it doesnt let me use this buff. Is it because the sword causes bleeding?



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Iaito is definitly buffable with Sunlight Blade (just tested it). You might not meet the faith requirement (30) or you might have upgraded your Iaito to a upgradepath that makes it unbuffable (fire, lightning, etc. - this shouldn't be the case though, since you say it's "+15")
infinite golden pine resin?
you wish lol this miracle deals in between 2 to 3 times the damage of a golden pine resin, it's incredible
Better than that, PRAISE THE SUN
Gotta say, put this on a build with 50 faith and the sunlight talisman, and absolutely NUKED bosses with my +15 Zwei.
At 50 faith, the Darkmoon Talisman has better MagAdjust than the Sunlight Talisman.
As if the +15 Zweihander alone doesen't nuke bosses
With Sunlight Blade, you have to kill Gwyndolin. I entirely approve.
a moment of silence for the one who left it on Daddy's coffin
Hey, cool! I get to kill Gwendolyn AND get something useful.
Cuz let's be real, that thing don't drop*****.