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Please define fall


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When you die.
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Fall in battle = carted
This also applies when you are on expeditions. Not sure if the buff is only temporary or permanent though, but theoretically this skill is best used in expeditions where there is no penalty for dying.
Or Solo
Something I've been wondering, actually. Would it activate twice / instantly go to full power if you have two pieces of gear with this Gem in them or one piece of gear with 2 of these gems in them?
No. Imagine a box (forify) now you have a decoration that enables/opens this box. Now you can have someone die and you put this death in this box. Now there is ONE stack of death. If someone dies again there will be two stacks of death in this box but it can only fit TWO stacks. But there is only one box in the game, so you cant put one death in two boxes, as there is neither two boxes nor can you rip one death apart and put it in two boxes.