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Go area 1 of Ancient Forest / Wildspire Waste, where Aptonoth's and Apceros are, equip ghille mantle, turn your back to them, listen to the chirping and enjoy.
I can confirm, this worked for me on my first try, during the evening in Wildspire Waste area 1. Put on the Ghillie Mantle, ran ahead of the herd, turned my back (crouched just incase) and after about 15 seconds I heard the chirping, turned around and caught one. Thanks for the tip!


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Has anyone been able to find these after capturing them the first time? I wanted to fill my room with them but I've been looking for about 3 hours now with no luck.
Yes you can find them again bc I have but I was too busy hunting a Rathian
So, I've spotted a group of them running from a Deviljho in sector 6 of the Wildspire Waste.
Wildspire Waste sector 1 nighttime
i found mine on the flying things above zone 12 (where legiana usually is). I shot it down and the downy crakes tried to run away but they got glitched on a corner.
edit: it was on coral highlands
Can confirm. There's a good spot right next to a wedge beetle in that area where you can see the Mantagrells from above, so just face the other way, wait about 20 seconds, turn around and check them with binocs, repeat until you find one. Once they're spawned, get under the right one, shoot it down with a rock and immediately swap to your net and nab them.
Have been hunting these birds for the past 2 days! I have been in the Woods, the Waste and in the Highlands. When i went back to the Forestarea 8, a bunch of Jagras scared my precious Aptonoth, i slayed em. About 30 sec later i ve heard the little Cottonballs, creeped up on them and added em to my Collection. A big Hug and Thank you to the Community :)
Caught one on the back of an apceros... and then the power went out
That’s... that’s the worst feeling when it comes to games. Getting something amazing only for something to happen out of your control and the game didn’t save, so you never get it back :’)
All you have to do is crouch with ghillie on and wait while facing away. Worked for me with apceros.
Got 6 birbs. I will place them birbs in my hoose.
Birb birb birb, the birbs the wirb.
I found six sitting on the back of an Aptonoth in Ancient Forest zone 1 but I only managed to net one.