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"...Diablos in heat..."

So the horned wyvern gets stronger when it's...

She's just so hot... HAHAHAHAHA GET IT
If anyone hasn't noticed yet, both of the pictures of the armor sets are alpha. Could someone fix this?
You can! As well as everyone who thumb-upped this idea. It's a wiki! It's publicly editable. Don't even need an account. I made this edit though. Turns out they'd uploaded it and everything & had just selected the wrong image at the last step. But just so you'll know for the future (:
Hunted both this version and reg diablos. I've gotten, like, 10 blos medullas, 0 ridge+, and 0 majestic horns after breaking the correct parts :l
If you break both horns during the fight you are guaranteed black twisted horns (majestic horns for normal Diablos) i'm pretty sure.
Go ***** yourself, Black Diablos.
The max size is incorrect, i managed to find 2599.35
(dot) png
Update this she does have weapons
Incorrect. They are just part of diablos' tree, requiring her materials and look like her. Not her own weapons.
She does look at azure raths and the blue wing is after the red wing and still on the Rathalos tree and there he’s wepeons
Nice grammar. That's what im saying. az rath doesn't have a completely different tree, that's what im saying, dumbass.
It looks like a wyvern but is related to a backon
Beware of "capture" quests. The Black Diablos will not usually run away when weakened, so you may have literally no warning that its health is low before it dies.
I got Mini Gold crown at 1886.63... only had to hunt 73 of them (probably skipped at least that many) and one full weekend...
this creature is so easy
Much like your mum then. In heat and easy.