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Wondering if this perk has potential to help stun lock enemy
Not really. You would have to make a KO range weapon bash build for it to even come close to working.
I wonder if two bludgeoner stacks?

From low rank diablos and high rank diablos?
No. Bludgeoner is one of the few skills that only has one rank. Therefore it can not be stacked what so ever.
is the boosted odds of stunning for everything? or just ranged weapon melee attack
It only applies to ranged weapon melee :/
no one asking the obvious question? how much damage is added (in points or %) to each level of sharp? is it worth getting the bonus at yellow, orange red sharp, vs damage reduction? for instance, if red sharp is a reduction of weapon damage by half, (i would assume) there's no way bludgeoner would provide an attack bonus big enough to make it worth one's while.
I was gonna ask the same thing
From what I can tell this is useful on a weapon that can prevent bounching and has either just a slither blue or entierly green sharpness (beacuse it boosts the attack at green) and seems to reduce the dammge falloff quite a bit from what I can tell (from normal combat, so I could be wrong) it goes down from a green 18 dmg hit to a ~14 dmg hit on red, if I remeber correctly
well I did check again, and my results were inacurate, here my results : green: 26(24) yellow: 25(14) orange:19(10 without the skill) red: 13(7 without) its not.... stellar, but I still find I pretty useful
Basically, zorah magdaros weapons really benefit because apparently it only kicks in at green sharpness, and yellow sharpness still has horrible damage in comparison to green, no clue why, but the math just doesn't work right. It should be slightly worse than green with bludgeoner, but it's leagues worse.
This skill didn't trigger for me until I was brought down to green sharpness (the weapon goes up to white) and it doesn't make up for the damage loss from sharpness loss (only gave me +15 attack).
My question is whether the attack buff is permanent, or if it goes away after sharpening... can you use a weapon with very small sharpness tiers to increase attack several times as it transitions from white down to yellow or orange, then do it again after re-sharpening for a stacking buff?
It isn't a "buff" so to say, rather it changes the damage multipier on weapons, so yes sharpening your weapon will reduce the damage, rather than decrease it.
So if what is said is true...
Mind's eye + bludgeoner + any melee weapon = infinite destruction
i run this build for 3 weeks now and still cant come up with another build that does higher average damage than this. the set effect is way too good for my charge blade explosion build with zora magdaros weapon. the inbuild minds eye of the charge blade and the low sharpness of the zora weapon grants so much extra damage and spares some slots for normally indispensable jewels. no need to care for minds eye jewel, sharpness or crits. simply pure destruction and a lot of explosions. diablos OT and shoes for the set effect and any 3 other pieces of gear for either fashion or some specialized extra stuff
Fantastic for Zora Magdaros melee weapons. Fat green bars of durability immediately, blast to pair heavy damage with, and great damage to start with! However, one big flaw to fix is the weapon deflection. Use mind's eye with the armor set, or side grade to diablos's hammer; which can pair with non-elemental boost and can have white sharpness.