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I believe that after doing 5 out of the 8 things in the quest it trigger the speech check with the custodian who has a 14 in speech. Also once started you have a timer before one of them dies and you fail.
Even at a 15 speech i failed
He has 16 speech. Use the +5 speech potion to help or bribe him.
A 17 speech can pass the fest speech check. just get a potion of the bard for this one. However nothing really changes by passing it
bugged i have the perk that tells me an npc's speech stats and beat the custodian by 4 and still failed
That doesn't guarantee it to be a success. It all varries from each character
got done with the quest 100%. Completed it and I get the message the guy with the broken leg dies...... Went through the cut scene had medic 2 set teh ucken leg but it did not count. GG
You guys commenting realize that Plague Dr achievement is tied to the "Pestilence" Side quest and not this one? The sick in Merhojed, NOT Sasau which is where this quest takes place...