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what is hidden element?
an element that is hidden
a greyed out element on a weapon
The best weapons don't have hidden element, so this is kinda useless. Better spend that slot on something more useful, like handicraft of earplugs
Doesn't feel like it's worth having for the majority of ammos due to low efficiency. are there weapons where it's close to a 20% increase in dps?
Firstly, yes. Consider a weapon with 5 shots and a slow reload but low recoil, when increased to 7 shots by the effect of this skill that weapon will be able to do 40% more damage per opening. Secondly DPS is a very narrow minded view for a bow gunner. You've picked the one weapon in the game that can do everything and you choose just to do damage? This skill also applies to the many types of bow gun round that arn't effected by your damage value. Explosive, Healing, Status Effects and Buffs can all be applied more efficiently with less reloads using this skill and none of those shots benefit in the slightest from a skill that gives you attack.
Just saying, would rather "Status Attack" and "Attack Boost" style skills than increased ammo capacity. Doing more with less
Tested this with Rathbuster II and Fate's Ember LBGs to see if the clip size expand gets better with each rank of the skill. Tested on PC. Numbers are (no skill - Lvl1 Free Elem - Lvl2 Free Elem - Lvl3 Free Elem) Rathbuster Normal R1 (4-5-5-5) R2 (4-4-5-5) R3 (2-2-2-3) Pierce R1 (3-4-4-4) R2 (2-2-3-3) R3 (2-2-2-3) Spread R1 (3-4-4-4) Sticky R1 (2-3-3-3) Recover R1 (3-3-4-4) Poison R1 (6-6-8-8) Flaming (3-3-3-4) Slicing (2-2-2-3) Demon (2-2-2-3) Tranq (2-2-2-3) Fate's Ember Normal R1 (4-5-5-5) R2 (3-3-4-4) Pierce R1 (5-7-7-7) R2 (2-2-3-3) R3 (2-2-3-3) Spread R1 (3-4-4-4) R2 (2-2-3-3) Sticky R1 (2-3-3-3) Poison R1 (5-5-7-7) Paralyze R1 (4-4-5-5) Sleep R1 (5-5-7-7) Exhaust (4-4-5-5) Thunder (4-4-4-5) Slicing (1-1-1-2) Demon (1-1-1-2) Tranq (2-2-2-3) Might test a couple HBGs later. If anyone has different results feel free to post and correct.
Numbers are consistent with my findings. Ammo counts of 5 or more are increased by two shots rather than one. Level three of the skill effects the highest avalible level of each given shot, with level to the second highest if avalible and level one only effects level on shots of the 5 basic ammo types as they are the only types with three levels.