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every hunter's dream missing
Seems like they don't want PC users having any of the Devil May Cry stuff. Autumn event is here, but we don't have any of the quests that other consoles got. Just the crap for 4-5 monster quests and the wiggler and kulu hats. :/
To be fair DMC came out after kulve taroth release if you were to compare to the console event progress. They are on track in their releases.
i got the 5 tickets for the gear, it unlocked the diver and blossom layered armour sets, not the autumn harvest set. I feel kinda scammed as the only halloween thing ive gained is the palico set..... the two quests needed to complete for the harvest set aren't on pc. so again console gets preferential treatment.
Get a console
Yup! so Buy Ps4 :)
Imagine that, the home system of mh gets preferential treatment, maybe you shouldve read things before you used your tickets on other sets
help how to clear 6 stat quest , now me is bule clear , how let him red clear ,The monster can capture all captured ..help pls
Cancerousuu Engrishuuu!!
why are the november 2nd event quests not appearing?
Anyone know how to get a Faux Ticket II? It’s not listed above
It can be gotten from the Kings Know No Fear quest I'm pretty sure
Why isn't the kulve tarroth seige active on the xbox one during the Winterfest or was the whole Kulve Tarroth being out for everyone a miss type?
On Xbox is no Kulve-Taroth Siege aktiv !!! Today comes a update but no fix of this bug . Fix this I have no time to wait!
Haha, Guess they did indeed do a missprint for the Winter Fest Kulve Tarroth & Guess it wasn't just for us Xbox Players it was every console but still, it's really disapointing that theres no kulve i know me and alot of other people we're looking to farm it for the ENTIRE winterfest, but that's not the case i just hope we get to see kulve tarroth seige soon espcially since we was teased then let down!!