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Missing Moonlit Gecko. It's found near brightmoss in elder's recess.
It can also be found near the brightmoss when you leave Central Camp(Rotten Vale)
I found a moonlit gecko in the Rotten Vale.
[PC] Found Prism Hercudrome in Coral Highlands, sector 11. From Northeast Camp, exit camp go right to Sector 13, Go Down to Sector 10. There is a small crevice in a wall connecting to Sector 11. When in sector 11 and if you open the map its location is between the Watermoss and Thunderbug Icons. Or from Sector 5 use the Ropelift to Sector 11. You can see the first big green yellowish coral like tree at your lefthand side, with pink corals on the ground. It is there at the green yellowish coral.
I found a prism hercudrome in wildspire waste around the Juryatodus area
i found a moonlight gekko in camp 8 on Elder's Recess
i found a normal hercudrome in the cave system of great jagras in the Ancient forest
It's colour is brown with red wingshields and horn
[PC]i can't found cactuar
cactuar is part of the FFXIV event collab you can't find him until they add it to PC
less moonlight gekko
I found a cactuar cutting during the first quest into the wildspire wastes, just as you enter the area where you will find the baroth for the first time. Just to the right. Also I found a flowering cactuar cutting on the plateau closest to the area 1 camp in area 4 (I think) just as you crawl through the hole from the apaceros nest and dead ahead.